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That is to say, Welcome to the ever so humble project portal of me, Jordan Jereb. You will find plenty of things on this website to offend you and yell various ad hominem insults like "Racist" or "Bigot" at. If your looking to expand my operation by being one of the thousands of trolls that point out how "terrible" I am, You will find juicy left-wing blogger gossip in the forums area- Where you will find posts I made when I was around 17 years old. If your actually one of the few here that appreciates my work- you will find is a much more updated place to keep up with what I am doing, HOWEVER- Expect this website to become a great place to find archived shit that I don't want going away.

Nobody likes forums or articles anymore- What is really the point of keeping them running ship shape? Is there really any merit in it? I'll leave it up to the people- If any of you guys actually start posting on the forums I will maintain them and keep them running properly.