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    Post by Jordan Jereb on Fri May 13, 2011 11:30 pm

    Welcome to Wriggle. My social forum, my home, and what I have been working on for quite some time.

    There are some rules as being a member of wriggle. [THAT ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME!]

    1. No flaming/Being an arse
    If you have an opinion, make it. But don't be an asshole. Free speech is our #1 priority, but be respectful about it.

    2.No links to malicious things/Porn
    Don't link to malicious links. And if you MUST link to porn (And only porn), only do it in the context of a conversation and MAKE SURE it has a "[NSFW]" Tag.

    3.No raids,piracy, or anything illegal.
    Tutorials can be exceptions to the rule IF they are for educational purposes.

    4. No advertising unless in the context of something other than "Check out my site." in other words, you must have a TOPIC that goes along with it. And if the site is relevant, feel free to post a link

    5. No exploiting/hacking the forum.
    This is not limited to signature length hacks, phishing, and trying to access admin features.

    6.No re-posting your topics.
    If you make it once, People will read it. If they don't, then its obviously not something worth re-posting. THE EDIT BUTTON IS FOR A REASON!

    7.No bumping topics more than 5 times in a row.

    8.Your signature should NOT autoplay ANYTHING. HTML IS enabled on this board... but that is subject to change.

    These rules are in place to keep us civil. They are not supposed to keep us from having fun. That being said, have fun!

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