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    Police harassing you for no reason? READ THIS!

    Jordan Jereb
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    Police harassing you for no reason? READ THIS!

    Post by Jordan Jereb on Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:26 pm

    Fucking cops like to pull me over for no reason. Here is how I avoid them:

    Am I being detained or am I free to leave?
    Yes = Leave

    No= Say nothing

    The cop says "I am going to search you" - Let him know you do NOT consent to search but you are however not resisting.

    They can only detain you for 30 minutes if you have done nothing wrong- and they can lie and say whatever they want during those 30 minutes to get you to say you did something and arrest you for it even if you did nothing.

    30 minutes passes = Say: "Am I free to leave?"

    If you haven't said anything incriminating and they keep you, they are breaking the law!


    -You are not required by law to carry an ID. In some states you are however required to identify yourself.

    -Police are ALWAYS required to identify themselves with an I.D. proving they are law enforcement.

    -Police CAN search you in certain scenarios and they will- your time to argue is in court. Do not argue while being searched if the cop decides to search you.

    -If they arrest you for something you didn't do- Do NOT go ape shit. Remain calm and they will have to release you. Minors and adults alike also have the right to see a judge within 24 hours. REMEMBER THIS.

    -If you are detained - KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT! I cannot stress this enough.

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    Re: Police harassing you for no reason? READ THIS!

    Post by Tim on Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:19 am

    Nothing I don't know because I've had very in depth conversations with many different officers of the law but besides that great guide for people in which are unaware of such rights.

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    Re: Police harassing you for no reason? READ THIS!

    Post by CrazyWhiteGirl on Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:12 pm

    cops dont stop me as long as i dont stay in one place to long. but hell i have the right to hang out in certain places like the park... right?

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    Re: Police harassing you for no reason? READ THIS!

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