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My name is Jordan Jereb. I am a political activist for free speech. I encourage everyone to listen to what I say with an open mind before calling me "Racist" or intolerant. I simply wish to preserve the american values that kept us running this far. I am NOT traditional right-wing. I am actually an independent with some right-wing beliefs. I am the founder of the popular free speech website Wriggle Forum (Wriggle.forum.net.bz). This website has people from all over the world that discuss their opinions about issues with an open mind and occasionally even reform their beliefs. It is important to remember that people died so we can believe in what we want and that the moment we try to ban something that doesn't harm anyone is the moment we become less free- and that everyone is guilty of it. We all have bias and don't like certain things, but we do not have to go looking for it. If you have any questions about realism, my ideology, or need any advice as far as subjects you think I may know about, feel free to contact me. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and may you be victorious in your search for truth.

I am also (KINDA) well-known for political videos on youtube, such as these:

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